Ester, The Ever Continuing Horror Franchise.

It is like a horror film franchise,

Ester of The Shires, The Crimes of Ester,

The prolonged Career of Ester,

Ester’s Revenge, The (Hopeful) Political Death of Ester,

The Rising of Ester, Ester Strikes Back,

Ester…Ester…Ester 8, 9.10…

how the fuck

does she stay in contention,

how does she get parachuted in

to a position of responsibility,

to whom does she appeal,

the blue rinse, the deniers of compassion,

oh dear Ester, I thought we had seen

the very last of you, yet there you are, scuttling

in the beams of political interference, the chance,

once more to set the light up in your direction

and beam for the cameras,

smile Ester, a good horror franchise

always attracts those in need of a shock,

who look upon the world

as if the Alien cannot harm them,

guess what Ester,

do you see the comparison yet.


Ian D. Hall 2017