I Have Never Accepted Populism.

I have never accepted populism,

it doesn’t sit right with me,

the urging of the crowd hollering,

cajoling each other to stand and be seen

to stand, to whoop and proclaim

to the highest authority, I cheered,

see me applaud, see me take down those

whose smiles are not as wide as mine,

see me ridicule them, see me being authorative,

see me go down the route of guided fascism

when my trained and rehearsed words

in the ears of those who I quite obviously fancy,

are met with the shoulders shrugged

or the whiff of so called reasoned argument,

for populism is not always right,

populism is to be wary of

and be avoided if possible,

for in the end

there is the end

and it is never a pretty sight

when someone urges another

to applaud when they don’t want to.


Ian D. Hall 2017