The Mono LPs, Cherry Red Lips. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

The problems with anything that gets the heart pumping and the brain falling in love is that you have to be prepared to wait to bring it to the attention of the world, the slow unveil, tantalising, dramatic, full of tension and appeal; if music was a lover then waiting to implore others on why the relationship works would be torture.

It is those Cherry Red Lips of The Mono LPs that pull you in, the smooth seduction offered by the members of the band, a sense of love being requited, of a dream being exposed in broad dazzling sunshine and yet still being as mysterious as the moon and its dark thoughts and deeds; for every set of Cherry Red Lips is a glimpse into the heart of everything that is irresistible and as the great Bard wrote so eloquently in As You Like It, “I do not desire you to please me, I do desire you to sing”, and sing the Mono LPs do, with strength, in numbers and with nothing more than passion in their veins; a passion that burns with volcanic allure as they bring their latest single into the world.

Waiting for a the music by the Mono LPs is always worth it, it hangs in the air like a golden eagle circling the terrain below, it takes its time, it perfects the exact moment in which to swoop down and save the soul of the wandering, lost and lonely person on the road and give it hope, give it the sighting it has been praying for in a desert of continuing choices.

It is only when the eagle departs do we see it for the angel it was, the sensation of the kiss betrays its true form and the saved smear from those Cherry Red Lips leave an imprint which is impossible to wipe away, the prized possession of a young man being kissed by a love that will never leave him for she has claimed ownership in that symbolic act.

A fantastic song, one accompanied by an excellent video, The Mono LPs once more save the day with their pounding musical heartbeat and sublime lyrical context.

Ian D. Hall