Kate Grom, Heroine. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

We all know someone that we have met upon the way that was just leaving to find were they truly belonged in the world, they had packed their bags and gone to a place where they knew no one, not a single soul, didn’t perhaps know the customs, the language or the day they might return. In men it is arguable that it is perhaps to be expected, we nod approvingly at the way they defy convention and wish that our own children would take the plunge and seek adventure.

Cruelly it is not a thought we pass by when it comes to our daughters, who have every right to discover the world, who should be just as rewarded for leaving the cosy nest behind and yet we fret, we seek an audience with them every day and yet when it boils down it we should be looking upon them as a the pivotal, the sacred form of the Heroine.

It is not hard to see the heroic in anybody, we only have to look beyond what we perceive at that moment, what we think we know about them, for in truth we never truly know all the battles they have faced, we can only glean the information in what they tell us and for Kate Grom her music, the songs from her album Heroine, they are just the bullet points, deep and powerful,  the moments of time in which she establishes herself as a musician to seriously consider the opinions and musings of.

To meet someone on their journey, to take in their words and surround yourself in the dedication they have shown by learning more about themselves than they could ever be satisfied within the cocoon of stable but domesticated life, those are the ones in which understanding of the nature of humanity is to revel in.

In songs such as Lose My Mind, Under The Gun, the fantastic album title track, Heroine, the brilliant Whisky Eyes and This Storm, Ms. Grom excels in portraying just how valuable the exploration of the heart and mind actually is, life is an adventure, why do we only see it as a chance to make corporations rich and Governments applaud themselves for keeping us tied to a rock. Hero’s come and go but a Heroine, she is the true masters of story-telling.


Ian D. Hall