Never Trust A Man.

Never trust a man

who says

with arrogance or subtle manipulation

that his car is better than yours,

that it’s engine is more powerful

and full of the latest gadgets,

can go as quick as the Devil

collecting souls, or is a magnet for picking

up women; never trust a man like that.


Never trust a man who shakes your hand

and says with snide response,

and who are you again?

when they know your name,

who never once congratulated you

on doing something worthwhile,

bettering yourself,

for these men are fools

who seek only to tear your esteem down.


Never trust a politician who promises

to take your views into consideration

whilst earning more money in four years

than you will in a lifetime, never

depend on his backing, on his honesty,

his reputation outside of the four walls

and many long corridors

that lead to power,

always happy to say something for the sound bite.


Never trust the Government;

simple as, simple

that they are.



Ian D. Hall 2017.