This Obscenity Called MacKenzie.


The truth of it is,

that with his smug

insidious smile, his suits

that cost more than the Government

is trying to steal off the disabled,

off the poor, off anyone

but themselves,

his hatred, obvious and despicable,

his manner, rude, vulgar

and disrespectful to those

who call Liverpool their home,

their place of sanctuary,

and don’t forget if it was up to people like him,

none of you would be safe,

you would all feel his tarantula like offence

weave its web…the truth of it is,

he is an obscenity, a man

of no one, not a journalist,

not a person,

compassion bypass, stuttering brain

and out of touch…

this tarantula’s hiss and views are



Ian D. Hall 2017