Levantes Dance Theatre Brings Sequin-tastic tragic-comedy The Band To Liverpool.

A witty new performance by Levantes Dance Theatre blending silent comedy, dance and stunning aerial acrobatics, The Band is coming to Liverpool’s Invisible Wind Factory as part of its first U.K. tour on Monday 29th May.

This captivating tragi-comedy tells the story of Sandy and Bruno, a faded pop couple who had a smash hit in the seventies but were then cruelly tossed onto the scrapheap. We find them opening up their skeleton closet, dusting off their costumes and preparing to make a comeback – their final chance at fame?

This is a story about love, failure, illusion, drama, glitter and tenderness.

Levantes Dance Theatre consists of key practitioners Bethanie Harrison and Eleni Edipidi, who formed the company in 2005 to create bold, innovative work that tells human stories with flare and gusto. Its trademark visuals and stylistic choreography ensures a thrilling collision of physical theatre, dance and circus performance. Levantes Dance Theatre are Associate Artists at Greenwich Dance

Artistic director Eleni Edipidi collaborates with choreographer and dancer Nathan Johnston to devise and perform this humorous show, told using an alchemic mix of original choreography, physical comedy, acrobatics and striking aesthetics.

Tickets for The Band are priced at £10.