I wish I had his talent,

not a phrase denoting green eyed fury

or jealous wrath

but just an adoration for the detail in elegant brush

strokes, thin line drawn

pencil men

which are more human than I.

An allusion perhaps dear Cyrano

to the master of clogs and dogs,

of factory gates at closing time

and scuffed hats thrown in the air

at the dead of dawn;

yet Cyrano, I might love Lowry,

how could you not after all,

but I am entranced by your work,

the wooden doll, the sense of restlessness

and fear that inside we are but pictures

drawn by an unseen hand,

many erased for their lack of depth,

many enhanced by the strings

cut short and allowed to wander

in and out of scenes by the creator…

A master of his art,

I wish I could bring

to life what you give an honest soul to

with a smile and animated passion;

I wish I could draw like you.


Dedicated to the art of Cyrano Denn.


Ian D. Hall 2017