Passport To The Rock…Arms To Kill The Poor.



Does it matter what colour your passport is

as long as you can travel safely

and experience the whirlwind  world,

not be covered in ivy as you recede

into a fool’s paradise of post imperial pride.

I grew up with maps of pink,

I didn’t see the point of ownership,

embrace the blue, the green, the rampant red, the saffron,

I couldn’t care less about borders,

If we all had the same, then nobody would

suffer from envy, nobody would be jealous…

in theory

and theory is a wonderful thing.

You spout rhetoric over a rock,

it is British, the colony and the will of the people prevail,

yet you casually sell of the electric, the gas, the trains,

the transport, the thinkers, the children, the dead…

all who were also part of this great fabric you call home…

home is so strange when we sell off the power

and make money from weapons…

but then the passport must be blue…

it must be British Blue.


Ian D. Hall 2017