Three Minute Hero, Gig Review. 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool. Threshold 2017.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Stuart Todd in the realms of Three Minute Hero will always make you stop and think, it is impossible not to feel the infectious delivery supplied by both the man and the band as the music plays, as the words of anger, of softness and damnation arise in the Threshold air, that moment of clarity will always come along and guide you to a point where life is truly to be seen as better for having been part of a Three Minute Hero audience.

Despite it only being the band’s first gig of the year, the resonating, contagious and raw feel of the music was such that the searing metal, of the forged blade and deep cut was felt with tangibility and grace. Not many can conquer a stony heart with a single word, with a stare of defiance, yet Stuart Todd openly overcomes defeatism, takes the blade to the wreck of greed and even if it was the first or the fifty-first gig of the year, the music is the weapon in which he delivers a truth, one that cannot be ignored.

Aided impeccably by Andy Fernihough and Chris Cousineau, Three Minute Hero delivered the songs Which Side Are You On, In A Generation, the outstanding and quite rightly thought of one of the great songs of the last decade 173 (Is Just A Number) and Piece of the Action to a Kitchen Street crowd that came for music and instead revelled in the acoustic sermon, the plain speaking truth of the way the world has become a playground for the destructive and a desolate hiding hole full of shadows for the rest.

One can never fault Stuart Todd, unabashed, forthright in his search for truth and justice, his music is a reflection of his soul and it is no wonder he remains such a popular character on the Threshold scene, a warrior who leads the way but who also cares deeply, something he showed with absolute sincerity at 24 Kitchen Street for this year’s Threshold Festival.

Ian D. Hall