42: The Meaning Of Life Found In A Scottish Football Ground.

The sleepy Tamar

at high tide in summer

may have been the sound more gentle

to those ears of a Cornish Man

and Home Park love, Green

and Pilgrim, The Hoe and the Lido

just out of earshot and Mutley Plain

a place in another county;

yet for this South West Man, Green running deep,

Tamar running deeper still

and majestic, flowing football, he traded in Pastie days

and local derby smiles

to find the meaning of life

and complete the forty-two,

an achievement of high esteem

and down with the hundreds,

in some cases as Scottish Football became his calling card.

I admire the effort, I salute the bravery

and the expedition with trusted friends,

to Inverness and Hearts

a flutter, Rangers

running wild, Hamilton…

not so Academic and the mighty St. Mirren

on away days in cold and wet and snow and ice,

yet for one brief moment, sun smiled from the heavens

and the final jigsaw piece was slotted into place;

I salute this man of Cornwall

who took on the wilds

and the beauty

of the Scottish Football League.


Dedicated to Andy Bliss on completing the Scottish Football League endeavour; a hardy soul.

Ian D. Hall 2017