The Case Of Windsor V Stuart.


Their marriage was always the cause

of an argument, how could it not be

when they were always at war before hand;

the union laid down with ambassadors

forever at the birthing suite,

ready with hot water and towels

as a procession of children followed

who all left home with a single

solitary finger raised in the air

as they eventually told their parents,

sometimes nicely, sometimes

through gritted teeth,

that they were old enough, mature enough

to break away and live on their own

and by the way stop bloody arguing,

if you don’t like each other, go your own way.

By the 1970s they had insisted on an open relationship

with the neighbours, lots of free love,

oodles of fringe benefits

but like all fads, one wanted to stay as they were enjoying the freedom,

the other just wanted to go home,

they looked to their best friend

but in the back of their mind,

they knew they were an idiot…

the court case looms, if they want to go,

let them go,

nobody should be forced to stay,

if they want to go and break their own union

then let them do it cleanly and get on with it,

this rhetoric and abuse on both sides

is completely a waste of time.


Ian D. Hall 2017