Holly Oaks Star “Nicole Barber-Lane Returns To her Musical Roots In Secrets.

Holly Oaks actress Nicole Barber-Lane is going back to her roots by starring in a new musical set in a Mersey Entertainments Agency, Secrets: The Musical. Nicole, who played Sally Bowles in Cabaret, is looking forward to working with her real life daughter Jemma Healey-Lane as it will be the first time mother and daughter have played together in the same production. Secrets: The Musical is on at the Epstein Theatre from 10th to the 13th May.

Nicole plays Liz the owner of the Agency, who is busy organising a show for a Millionaire’s birthday party – identity a secret! Unfortunately though an old enemy Metal Mick (Played by Danny Taylor who starred as Tommy Cooper in Tommy Cooper the Musical) is back in town, and is yet again forcing Liz and her long suffering Fiancée Larry to deliver a shady package for him on the very same night.

But, still grieving over the loss of her little girl eighteen years ago, Liz has finally had enough of being pushed around! She secretly hatches a plot to get revenge on Mick and drive him out of town, but it all goes hilariously wrong, and when the nerves kick in, secrets come out! Adding to the madness and mayhem is a young American journalist (Izzi Feld) who has come to town to interview them all for her magazine, and the secrets she has to reveal will change their lives forever!

With comical characters such as Dorothy De’Mure (the dirtiest Drag Act in town), Bernard D’Ette (Del Wilden), Voita (Lesley Butler) a German Comedienne (who knew?) and a twerking ghost, Secrets is a show that will have you laughing your head off and crying your eyes out!  It’s a story that has every character having a secret to keep, a secret to hold, a secret to have or a secret to be told! But who’s keeping the biggest secret of them all and why?

This exciting new musical! Is filled with fantastic original songs telling a modern-day story putting a smile on your face, and leave you with that ‘feel good’ factor in a bad-assed way!

Tickets for Secrets: The Musical are priced at £17 and are available from the Epstein Theatre Box Office or by telephone on 0844 8884411.