Shelley’s Delusion.

It is dangerous

to be so deluded,

that the internet for all its good

and ability to show the world

just how we strive forward in unity,

should we wish, gives a platform

to one so

bound up in her own con trick

that she can even call Australia

a place which doesn’t exist…

this modern day Atlantis,

packed to the brim with spiders

that will kill you, with Koala Bears

that are riddled with Chlamydia,

Kangaroos that made Skippy a star,

That made Paul Hogan a star,

That made Dame Edna a star…

what is the matter dear Shelley,

over exposed in a world of light?

Deluded and dangerous,

the internet’s latest craze.


Inspired by an Social Media rant.

Ian D. Hall 2017