Rainbreakers, Rise Up. E.P. Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

We live in interesting times, the world has always found a way to drag down the individual to a point where it feels safe from that person’s hopes, desires and dreams and yet it constantly requires that the border between aspiration and conformity be pushed ever further back, that someone poking their head above the wall to survey their surroundings be taken in hand and silenced. If ever there was a time to Rise Up, whether artistically or physically, then surely before the century gets too bogged down with the guilt of almost fascist thought of trampling down of anything that resembles free will.

The Rainbreakers urging of taking them on their own game is one that is carried across their impressive E.P. Rise Up. It is not perhaps a call to arms because blood should never be spilt, however it is the imploring of the individual to not let people dictate to them what their life should be like, that if they have an aspiration, if they believe wholeheartedly in their actions of creating something beautiful, something that will live, even for a short while, in the minds of others and in the eyes of majority, then who are they to say it cannot be done.

Rise Up’s five tracks allude to the power of taking responsibility and having grit to shout that the world is not there to dictate terms to the mind is carried with great resonance, it doesn’t just take the listener aside and suggest in a whisper that everything will be O.K. if it takes the advice and opinion to heart, it blatantly and vigorously shakes the intended recipient with a smile and passion and injects some of their own personal anger wrapped in a Blues disposition to be cultivated and enthusiastically followed.

The tracks, On My Own, Rise Up, Waiting On You, Perception and Living Free, have personality, the dangerous and active warning shots to take notice of in a world that only has its own opinion and is doggedly hanging on to them; it only takes a release, a moment of clarity, to understand that freedom is attainable from corporation claws and when it happens, to Rise Up is a great and fearless event.

A cracking E.P. by a great band, Rise Up is elevating.

Rainbreakers’ Rise Up is released on April 7th.

Ian D. Hall