Plannet Zogg!


It was 68/69 and I was tripping out

On psychedelic mushrooms ,green tea, and Brussel Sprouts

It was really far out man,

You know what I mean?

I’m living on Plannet Zogg so it would seem

My rock rolls in swirling colours like John Lennon’s Rolls Royce

Some people are just weird man, that’s their choice

On the day the Eagle landed on the moon

I had already been there on my flying spoon!

Spaced out flying high till I came down

Crash landing on Plannet Zogg  in stereo surround

I’m seeing stars, Galaxies and Mars Bars

Comets and shooting stars

Mental telepathy with extraterrestrials with oversize brains

The Ghosts of Mars riding with John Carpenter’s trains

I talk to the hand, I talk to God

feel like I ‘m living on Plannet Zogg

I talk to the wall, I talk to the rock

feel like I’m living on Plannet Zogg!

I’ve been getting high on Ghost Chillies

Don Peyote’s windmills of my mind

But a glass of Brasso top does exactly the same

I’ve got  a spare head for my brain

Walking Scooby doo on Plannet Zogg

Really spaced out on Plannet Zogg…….


John F. Hall 2017