Little Hurricane, Same Sun, Same Moon. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 7.5/10

The view from the tallest mountain perhaps never changes, whilst it might occasionally be obscured by clouds or the ambitions of others trapping your sightline within a narrow field, it is nothing compared to being inside even the smallest whirlwind, the biggest twister or even the damage and respect caused by the Little Hurricane, even there the chances are the two views see the Same Sun, Same Moon.

The duo that make up Little Hurricane take great pleasure in the dirty Blues they seek and savour within, the view from the storm around them is as motivating and remarkable as that found at the highest peak but this is one that is more down to Earth, more sizeable an account of purpose, for the scale has not yet been thought of which can contain the band.

Same Sun, Same Moon revels in its own appearance and one that you cannot but help be drawn towards, the rage of the sun, the cold beauty of the moon, from which ever perspective you look and hear the music, the result is the same, it has the ability to take you away from yourself, to put you in the mind of the early days of Delta, however one that has a craft kick and punch driven fist attached to it and one that does not mind getting the guitar or the sound a little covered in blood.

With tracks such as Isn’t It Great, Take It Slow, the short but immensely powerful March of the Living and For Life all coming through the bruising effect inspired and manipulated by the band, the attention grabbing sound is knee deep in the dirty Blues, it relishes fully the position it has been put in and dishes out the compliments and the battering that the hurricane provides with equal opportunity and blessed certainty.

The hurricane might cause devastation, it might cause the ground to swell, however the Little Hurricane only opens the door, it lets in the cause to come and in Same Sun, Same Moon, the view looks rosy.

Ian D. Hall