The Slow Cull, At Their Hands.

It is the easy target,

not bullet proof

because we are the ones that carry

around our lives in your hands

and as you consider mass extermination

of the disabled, mass pariah

on a stake, a struck match

that flickers with the rhetoric

that comes out of your mouth, you

want us dead, the shame of memory, the cull

in place that says we cannot live,

despite it actually being the fault of

Government, of life, of life,

what life, you are

the ones who are sick, the cull

of the disabled is already happening…

don’t feel safe

for once they finish with us,

guess who is coming to dinner

round your table

to tell you,

you are not fit for purpose,

you cost more to keep alive,

there is

an oven for you

in a dark forest.


Ian D. Hall 2017