Brit Floyd, Gig Review. Echo Arena, Liverpool. (2017).

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

It could be argued that the pulse of the Universe runs through the veins of what we feel, the mood we inhabit and the longing we have deep inside of us for the comfortable and unnerving in equal measure; such is that pulse, such is beauty in a single note that the art and the artist are entwined, that even hearing it performed by another is enough to raise the goosebumps to a point where they can be seen from space.

The pulse, the stirrings of music delivered by Brit Floyd in recognition of arguably one of Britain’s, if not the world’s much loved groups, Pink Floyd, is enough to get a fleeting glimpse of how the music of the Universe sounds. It might be seen in some quarters as perhaps over simplifying matters but in black and white, with no agenda on the part of the crowd at the Echo Arena, the single note, that one played across Time, was what drove the audience to feel the immense satisfaction of being in tune with the very heartbeat of Pink Floyd’s back catalogue.

Time, it skips past before you have even blinked, before you have had chance to understand yourself, let alone anything else in the world, Time is not endless for us, the eye and the mind decaying faster than a sun bursts into life and yet for Brit Floyd, Time is endless, Time is bountiful for in front of a vocal and appreciative crowd, the energy flowed all night and was one that all could be seen immersing themselves in.

With Brit Floyd returning to the venue it all started at for them, songs and mysteries such as What Do You Want From Me, Welcome To The Machine, Coming Back To Life, the beautiful sound of Us and Them, Any Colour You Like, Brain Damage and Eclipse from the celebrated The Dark Side of the Moon album, Astronomy Domine and the gut wrenching passion of Wish You Were Here all combined, fused together as if even the greatest forces in the galaxy could not grapple them apart.

Time may be an illusion, a construct thought out by humanity to give their life meaning but it is time that is valuable none the less and as Brit Floyd took the evening by the scruff of its neck, time was seen to be revisited, enjoyed once more and fully by those who know that time is short and to be held with passion.

Ian D. Hall