Pineapple Slices And Errent Olives.

The fusion that is unexpected

is the most fun. Pineapple

slices on top of a crusty, well stacked pizza

for some is the height of decadence

or at least glittering fancy,

although myself,

I think it is an abomination,

I remove them with disdain if offered

in the same foul disregard as the errant olive,

bemoaning the fact that there should be more

slices of meat, rather than something yellow

or green, making the dish look like a breeding

ground for flavours I cannot abide.

The fusion of an Indian and Jewish musician,

both highly regarded in their trade

and observational skill and high pitched note

taking on Balkan folk

is though a dream I can get behind,

not a single pineapple ruining the affair

of love my ears are responding too, not an olive

finding its way into the picture,

someone having taken that spiteful beast away

and no doubt found a use for it in a cocktail, a fusion to far,

whatever happened to a single malt,

the choice of fusion is sometimes crazy,

especially where an olive is concerned.


Ian D. Hall 2017