Nikki Loy, Pivotal. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Life is arguably worthless, non-essential if you at some point you are not doing something that makes you happy, fundamentally pleased to have lived; it could be the smallest, most minute part of your day but it must be there to give you the absolute pleasure, the reason that all of this universal insanity must make sense, to be the Pivotal reason we are here, to make some kind of statement about the art we love.

Nikki Loy’s art is not in question, her reason to be as assured as Hamlet’s is to be indecisive, this is no quotation rubber stamped by a Bard, this is woman offering her life in song and seeing it flourish, not one needing the masculine approach to confirm her worth; this is a set of songs crucial to understanding a person and their thoughts on life.

Whilst the overtone of the album is to feel the warmth of a more popular exterior, a brush with those songs that are perhaps to be expected in a feel good and dynamic way, there is more than enough under the surface to hold back the tears of love and its agonies and be seen for the critical joy she will be held in many hearts over the coming years.

Nikki Loy’s Pivotal is just that, something to be held up as an example of good taste, of a prize that is essential to the balance of art, everything has its place after all and some find a way to muscle to the top with grace, humour and affection.

In tracks such as Under The Lightning, Walk Away, Poison and Hold Me Now, Ms. Loy gives to the presence of mind a sense of well being, there is no alarm of pomposity or anarchy, just wonderfully balanced songs, critically entertaining and one to which the Bard himself might be disposed of suggesting To Be or Not To Be, for there is no wavering of intent in this woman’s work, no faltering steps, just pure and feminine guile, imploring and love to be heard. Life is important, life is necessary and Nikki Loy has made the most of being able to impart her knowledge to the listener with a sword of truth to her name.

Nikki Loy will be supporting Sam Bailey at the Liverpool Empire on Thursday 23rd March.

Ian D. Hall