Robert Vincent, I’ll Make The Most Of My Sins. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

It has been a journey of wonder, one of absolute hope and solid inspiration, not only for the musician but his ever rapidly growing army of appreciators, fans and those who for years have seen the evidence of his personality and incredible wisdom laid down in music form. For Robert Vincent making the most of his talent and his virtues is a base, a high marker in which he will not fall, yet beyond that it is the music that is king and one in which you can almost hear him argue passionately, “I’ll Make The Most Of My Sins.”

If we fall into the trap of the ego winning through, if we believe our own hype without doubt, there is very little to take pleasure in, the ego just takes on a festering appeal and we lose touch with the drive and love of what put us on Earth in the first place. By being in touch with our sins, our transgressions, we are more grounded, the ego does not take a lumpy and grotesque form and the music in our soul is forever in need of nourishment. It is a testament to Robert Vincent’s absolute genuine outlook that his new album, I’ll Make The Most Of My Sins, is a moment of responsible pleasure, a misdemeanour of excellence and purity.

The seemingly long wait has been worth it, the draw of a million breaths, slowly igniting in anticipation has been significant, for in the album’s detail lays the soul of the sinner’s repentance, someone who owns his possible misdeeds, hard to imagine actually Mr. Vincent making such claims of fault of offence; and who takes the listener on a journey of acceptance and tolerant belief.

With songs such as Lady, Time Won’t Wait, November, the excellent Dancing With Devils and the album’s title track I’ll Make The Most Of My Sins all glowing like a beacon of white light in the shaded realm of Hades, Robert Vincent implores upon the listener a sense of growing belief that all is well in the world, that even in the darkest and resolute sin, there is some good that will come of it.

A deeply beautiful album, Robert Vincent’s I’ll Make The Most Of My Sins is a recording of fortitude and strength; it is the epitome of what makes the man great.

Ian D. Hall