Another Birthday Blowing Out Candles.

Another birthday has come and gone,

try to stretch out the party beyond the

sixteen hours awake, four of which are filled

with everyday insanity,

how can cleaning your teeth,

washing your face,

drinking a cup of

breakfast tea to wake you up, to be rid

slumber and sneaking drowsy

be special , when you do it every day.

The birthday has come and gone, abiding memories

which have to last until the following year

and by pass Christmas and the dry roast

and the gluttony on offer

and the sterile television choices,

must watch the big film, the one we dragged ourselves

to the cinema four years ago

and which we purchased the DVD of

and which they will repeat now




on a random satellite channel and

again on a plus one button…

I stretch out my birthday on a plus 1

because one day is not enough

to remember you are alive

and have feelings,

that you have very little to celebrate

in an almost unique way, perhaps

20,000 candles round the world

being blown

at the same time,

hurricane season with icing

on the everyday is as unique as you will ever be…

I stretch out my birthday and blow the candles



Ian D. Hall 2017