On Hold

On hold,

such a time to be had

falling for a tune

you would normally hate

but somehow feel close to

by the time the representative

from the company

decides it is time to talk down to you,

on hold…

on hold…

imagine if the everyday was the same

as calling, losing patience

with patience, the man on the end of the phone,

just hanging, shoplifting music

buzzing in the open air, still and jaunty,

designed to keep you upbeat, intended

to cause thoughts of mass destruction;

welcome option one, listen

to the simple keyboards and drum pattern

we got my god daughter to play whilst potty training,

option two, blow your brains out and let another caller

move up a place in the line…

on hold…on hold… on hold,

I despair

that my life is thanks

to you,

on hold.


Ian D. Hall 2017