Brothers Of Mine, The Answer. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Search long enough and you will find many answers, many truths in which the soul can hold onto and whisper to itself in the shadows that life has a way of persevering, that it can and must be ready for the moment when all that went before was just a prelude, a subtle introduction to the next stage of life. It is a tantalising prospect that we can grow enough and wise enough to see it flourish whilst we still breath freely and with youthful vigour.

For Brothers of Mine, The Answer is forthcoming, the past is always important and should be recognised as such but if a new beginning sees new opportunities arise, then to neglect it, to not be stirred by the prospect, then the solution becomes murky, stilted and allowed to wither; The Answer might not be the one you first thought of but it is the one that will see you grow.

The uplifting music that enlightens the Brothers of Mine single is enough to catch the mind unawares before the enjoyment in the heart realises that it has been hijacked, that it has lost any sense of resistance to the five strong band and one that if it had not been made, if the band had not found each other across different paths, it could quite well be possible to think of the future as bleak and barren wasteland, one filled with pessimism and negativity.

Of course many bands come along, most of them smooth their way into your life but there is something very cool about Brothers of Mine, they have a knack, born out successfully in this song with its catchy refrain and dark injected matter of fact swagger, to invade every part of you; this may only be the beginning but it is a great start, an achievement worth celebrating.

The Answer is a slice of Time, an element of elegant cool and one that is not to be missed, a song of subtle quality wrapped up in levels of boyish charm and one that rocks with craft and poise.

Ian D. Hall