Her Arm Is Raised.

Her arm is raised, the red

T-shirt proclaiming her beliefs

and that is just the start

of what this flame

that burns bright

within Liverpool

shows to the world.

There is a sense of magnificence

that resides under the cool music exterior,

always at the heart to show her town

as being the best, the finest, the indomitable,

this Liverpool, this keeper of the Red Flag,

hums along before a note is etched out

and when the music starts

she, with honour, knows that is the best

it can ever be, the Utopia that Thomas More

could not discern.

This Liverpool would be nothing

without her belief, her arm raised

Foxy style, the salute of what is right

in her world,

for she will not be broken.


Dedicated to Val Colvin

Ian D. Hall 2017