The Wise Women.

We are the wise women,

We know more than we think,

Perceive more than realise,

Are capable of more than we expect,


We are the wise women,

We can change the world

If we support each other,

Encourage each other,

Allow ourselves to be used as stepping stones,

Provide a foothold for other wise women

Or reach out a helping hand,


We are the wise women,

We set the world to rights,

No more content with just “pretty”,

No more content with comfortable,

No more comfortable with content,


We are the wise women

And we feel no need to trample,

To dumb down other women

Who are wise in their own way,

Or have the potential

To join us in our wisdom,


We are the wise women

And there is always room for more,

No-one needs replacing,

Join us on our platform,

The platform is broad and plentiful,

There’s always room for more,

More inspiration, more motivation, more ideas,

When we work together our platform grows

For more of the wise women to climb

And find their place alongside


We are the wise women,

Together we can work quietly,

Build, create, progress, sustain


We are the wise women,

We don’t need to shout and scream,

We don’t need to fight,

We don’t need to smash the glass ceiling,

We just need to turn the world upside down



Felicity Moore 2017