A Fence Is A Wall.

A fence is a wall by any other name,


them out, sign their names,

put them in one place,

in a home, make everybody scared

to show their compassion, ridicule them when they do

and when someone speaks up,

when the tiny voice of reason

finds that they can stand it no more,

take them out also and shoot them

against a bullet riddled wall.

Makes no difference to me

what religion you are,

just because I do not believe what you believe

does not make me hate you, just because

I am straight does not make me dislike you,

I don’t care as long as you are happy

but then being an atheist, someone would hate me enough

to send me to a home

should one more fence be erected.


You promised never again and I believed you

now with alternative truth the in game in town,

I weep but I hide my tears and I smile

when I can because I hope that pisses them off more.


A fence is a wall by any other name,

Your truth, whatever flag you fly it under,

Your denial, whatever harmony you believe it brings,

Your ethic, no matter how cancerous

is a reflection of the mirror

and it is cracked…a wall is just another name

for a fence.


Ian D. Hall 2017