Gary Maginnis, Gig Review. The Brink, Liverpool. (2017).

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Let The Music Play On, a mantra for living, so much more vital in these desperate unfathomable times, in these moments in which swing from black moods and anger across every nation and in the souls of those who wish to bring destruction and mayhem to downbeat, the world is caving in on itself epochs; Let The Music Play On for it is the one thing that sooths the savage beast and keeps us in our place and grounded whilst giving us ultimate hope.

Unusually appearing on his own at a function, the ever talented Gary Maginnis strode on to the stage as part of Be Lovely Day at The Brink and with a well placed cunning Pun, proceeded to give one of the finest moments of his music career and one that had the sleeve he wears his heart upon, gleaming with pride and sheer delight. The band may have been absent on the day but there was no way that Gary Maginnis was going to be anything but spectacular without ever having to be showy as he played his part in the message of the day.

Watching Gary Maginnis on stage is one of those rare pleasures in life, the softy spoken and the high value is enough to put a smile on your face even before the set begins, but there is something else raging deep inside the musician, a sense of serenity that might not be seen, that might not be witnessed unless you were searching for it; it is the fortitude to withstand the storm that envelopes us all and come on through the other side with peace in his heart.

It is in this admirable quality that his music shines and as the songs Let The Music Play On, I Thought I’d Have Learned, Faces and Names and Guiding Light were played and the soft Irish voice soothed troubled waters, the man grew before the audience; he took on a kind of resonating light that, unless you were the statues of Isildur and Anárion in the realms of Tolkien’s Gondor, cold, unfeeling and aloof, you could not but help love and cherish.

A fantastic appearance by Gary Maginnis, one of wonderful quality!


Ian D. Hall