Just One Spark.

Just one spark

Is all I needed,

The blue touch paper,

The fuse,


Like in the movies

When an “ordinary” human,

Suddenly finds they have the powers

To turn them into a superhero,

Uncontrollable at first,

A violent fire

That burns those closest

Causing irreparable damage,


I will find a way to regain control,

To focus this new found power,

To put it to good use,

To find my own place in the world

Or change the world to create my own space,

To mould the world – my world – to my vision,


I know I have the power now,

The tingling in the fingers,

The fire in the belly,

The light pouring out through every pore,

In my 39th summer I found I had my power,

Will I find the focus by the fortieth?


I’m not special in my specialness,

Unique in my uniqueness,

We all have that power,

We are all capable of more

So much more than we think,

So much more than others expect,

We all have a superpower,

Your superpower is being you


Felicity Moore 2017