Warrington’s Parr Hall To Welcome Pub Landlord In February.

Pub landlord Al Murray is set to bring his distinctive brand of humour back to Parr Hall next month.

He calls himself a publican, politician and philosopher and on this tour, Let’s Go Backwards Together, he will embark on a common sense campaign to “re-Great Britain.”

The critically-acclaimed comedian’s on-stage persona will address Europe, the N.H.S., “whatever the hell is going on in the Middle East”, the gathering storm of fortnightly bin collections and plenty of other issues which are regular pub chat fodder, all in his typical brash style.

Parr Hall’s audience will be watching The Pub Landlord answer the call of destiny, even though it’s an unlisted number, call time on tyranny, even though he isn’t quite sure what it means, and even say no to women ordering anything other than a glass of white wine or fruit-based drink.

Tickets are available from the Parr Hall Box office, by telephone on 01925 442345 or online at www.pyramidparrhall.com. Tickets are priced at £27.50.