An Odd Shaped Ball.

I’m afraid I don’t do Rugby, of either code

except when it comes to watching England V Scotland

and the odd par-taking

of a World Cup; sport for sports sake, not my bag

or ball it seems,

despite having had a teacher at school who insisted

in one of those terrifying end of year reports

that I was more suited to the game,

a natural player, I nearly laughed as I read it

on the way home, so not my cup of tea,

despite having had the honour of watching

Bill Beaumont’s retirement game one fine day

in Moseley, surrounded by school friends

on a visit that bewildered me, or the day with University

friends out to St. Helens to see Rugby League

flow in action.

It is not my game, not my ruck, not the collapse

or backwards pass to which I am capable

of getting involved in with the pack…


I love that you are so passionate about it,

I embrace your knowledge,

I just know I would rather watch snooker or golf.


Ian D. Hall 2017