John Shuttleworth Returns To The Playhouse With My Last Will And Tasty Mint.

After A Wee Ken to Remember, The Playhouse is delighted to welcome back John Shuttleworth, singer and synth star from Sheffield. John comes straight off the back of appearances on Celebrity Antiques Roadshow (I.T.V.), Pointless (B.B.C.) and finishing the second series of his Radio 4 show John Shuttleworth’s Lounge Music. John Shuttleworth’s latest show My Last Will and Tasty Mint is at the Williamson Square venue on Saturday 21st January.

A man on the brink of retirement takes us through a sensory exploration of his first experience of a polo mint. “Sheffield’s finest singer/songwriter” (The Times) brings with him hilarious new songs as well as bashing out the old favourites on his trusty Yamaha: “Two Margarines”, “I Can’t Go Back To Savoury Now”, “Mutiny Over The Bounty”, the rock ‘n’ roll foot-stomper “Early Tea“, plus many more.

John’s agent and next door neighbour Ken, has wrangled him another date on the tour so they’ll be wheeling the organ all the way to Liverpool for a last chance at fame for John. Having had his life turned upside down by aging, John meditates on how the times they are a changing and things to do before you end up in a retirement home.

After a recent health scare (well, a mild bout of sciatica), John considers morality and life’s major issues: the rise in popularity of hi viz protective wear, the suitability of the plastic lid on takeaway coffee cups, and the excitement he felt when sucking his first mint: “It gave my tongue activity, as the mint’s flavours bore into me, turning my grey world azure blue – I remember my first Polo, do you?”

And at the end of it all, a question remains: who should John donate his organs to, or should he just sell them on Ebay?

Join John at the Playhouse for more onstage phone calls to agent Ken and his wife Mary, and a sprinkling of musical interludes performed as ever with built-in auto accompaniment.

Tickets for John Shuttleworth: My Last Will & Tasty Mint are available from the Playhouse Theatre Box office and priced at £15 -£18.