Joel Gion, Tomorrow. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Tomorrow never comes, for many the possibility of it being worse than the day they have just lived through is enough to make sure the alarm clock never rings, that the year to come could be as cloudy as the one that just faded with nightmare stealth into the past. Tomorrow though should be viewed with a sense of optimism, with a sense of candour and hope and one that no matter what is the stepping stone to being able to breathe easily.

Joel Gion’s Tomorrow is such a hope, the calling out, the ridicule inflicted upon all the serial politicians who have made the year one of turmoil, the people with lack of clarity in their minds who have thrown the world into a series of moments in which the unbelievable stutters and wears away like soap in a continuous shower; all is not lost, the heart and the heat from The Brian Jonestown Massacre man is as incendiary as you could hope for and one that will make Tomorrow one of passion.

Ahead of Mr. Gion’s new album, scheduled for release this spring, Tomorrow is a song to remind the listener that no matter how stupid the world gets, we still have to live in it, that you can fight it or lay down and whimper within it; one choice from two options, surely it is better to have fun, to be alive and punch back at every golden opportunity but keeping the hard won smile deeply etched upon your face.

With Joel Gion being joined by Colin Hegna on bass and backing vocals, Paul Dillon on guitars and Brain Gardener on drums, Mr. Gion’s vocals take on a luxuriant effect, one dipped in silk but with the roughness of the just, the truthful and the immediate thrown into the cocktail of determined and the impulsive drive that thrives in between the bars and the beat of Joel Gion’s heart.

A great single, an opener to something cool coming our way in the tomorrow’s ahead; Tomorrow never truly knows what is coming but Joel Gion is ready and waiting to tackle it with full invigorating style.

Ian D. Hall