Electric Floor, Bluedive. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Take a dive to earn a few quid but never be trusted again and let your inner peace be shattered beyond repair or stand up to the fight, the possible knockout blow that can be landed and with it respect and kudos from all angles, all those who listen and take notice. For the Electric Floor it is a symbol of everything they have done so well and continue to be part of that makes them championship heavyweights rather than the lightweight loser who is defeated by their own insecurities and misplaced loyalty to their current circumstances than their promise of what is too come.

For Emanuele Chiarelli, Simone Costantino De Luca and Fabio Costantino, the single Bluedive, taken from their forthcoming extended recording, The Fader, is once more the affirmation of a decade that shone so very brightly before almost crashing and burning into a period of slow abandon and relegated stories and sounds.

It is an pronouncement, a declaration of intent that keeps a decade firmly in the hearts who not only lived through it but who relish hearing anything that might resemble the grandiose and the spectacle of the synth of those halcyon long gone days, the purveyors of programming and electronic excellence, even if the original days of the greats now only come to us in packaged dreams and bubble wrapped beliefs, there is still room on the synth express for others to come to town and impress.

The vocals are rich, compelling, as urgent and laidback as listening to Richard Burton deliver a fine speech with a glass of iconic whisky by his side, the fumes adding to the enjoyment, the taste buds tingling at the possible avenue of approach and the smile that comes with the belief of feeling uncovered in such an atmosphere of headiness and control.

Bluedive is a single of texture and forthcoming, one that surely will see the listener take great pleasure of new set of songs from a great and flourishing band.

Ian D. Hall