Lead Me Into Midnight.

Lead me into midnight, let me feel the new

dawn rise, artificial construct though it maybe,

we all need to hear the chime of midnight

and the serenade of ships’ horns on the Mersey,

the minute watched diligently

by a Captain’s beard and the deck hand

letting off a series of fireworks into the cold

night air, no snow, perhaps rain

and the shower of memories to come.

Lead me into midnight where for a moment,

Peace reigns, there is no alarm

at the moment of surrender;

wash your face, the old year is now gone,

some, like rats, have deserted you,

let them go, for in their pursuit of greatness,

they will not acknowledge anything you ever did for them.

Lead me into Midnight, shush, all is quiet

on the Mersey tonight,

only the sound of horns heralds

a hopeful, better, more beautiful year.


Ian D. Hall 2016