Angus Smith And North 56, One Day. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

The fusion of Rock and language, the guitar simmering with excitement as the prospect of a different voice cutting along its strings is too much to contain at times and yet we find we must sit in the dark, compelled to only love what we love and never venturing forth into another realm, always content in what we know, always stuck in a pattern that is so familiar that we can almost wear it as an outfit and go out about our business assured that nobody would stop us to remark on our choice of outerwear.

What we wear on the outside reflects our mood on the inside and in One Day that same exuberant demeanour is both captivating and necessary as Angus Smith and North 56 blend Celtic illumination with the industrial produced electricity from a nuclear generator that is Rock to give something a little different to look upon in wonder.

One Day, a sound well worth waiting for but one also that might be seen as courageous, even gutsy, for whilst the spirit of language is important to the message being made, to use a medium other than folk or the Celtic Blues might find some turning their backs away from the prospect, those who are far too entrenched in their choice of clothing and who won’t even try the temptation of a different coloured shirt to break past the never ending monotony.

Let them turn, let them fly into an unfathomable rage for what Angus Smith and the band have produced is scintillating, a memory of what could be, the tailored floral patterned shirt, the excuse to know and relish silk; for this is the album of silk, the patterned viewpoint which is hard hitting but also comfortable, this is how music should be, ready to change, not become so stuck in its own cubicle that the mirror cannot answer with a straight face the question of just who is the fairest of them all.

One Day, perhaps more artists will try fusing different blends, those that have already tried have done so with huge success or indeed some remorse but as songs such as Anna Dannsa, 40 Days, Blue Sky and Rubi’s Reel take hold of the ears, the urge to dance is made even more abundant and clear as colour seeps in to your life; One Day…why not today.

Ian D. Hall