The Day I Discovered Futility.

If it should end, let it end now,

stop dragging it out,

stop feeding the worm in the mind,

for today I discovered futility

and it is a word that I cannot abide.


Wasted years, never in search of riches

and to those I may have hurt, unknowingly

or their perception of what I said,

I apologised more than once if you deserved it,

but blow me down

if you think I am going to kneel

and take your crap forever, infinity was long enough.


Tired, grown so weary that fading

into the shadows is a thought

of welcome relief and you would,

in time, or even sooner, find another way

to hear the words,

till then, bless your gigantic heart

for having had me in your thoughts

for a very short while.


Ian D. Hall 2016