A J Hobbs, Too Much Is Never Enough. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

There is point where the general public’s opinion falls into the sphere of boredom, it is not the artist’s fault, it is perhaps though a reflection of the times that there is just too much of too much going on, that the pull on the heart of the ordinary Joe is too huge to truly get to grips with. Yet it has to be understood that in any art, any realm of the artistic, Too Much Is Never Enough.

The world of Country musician A. J. Hobbs is such that the art he has produced so far could never fall into the category and dustbin of too much, but this is not to fall into the trap of believing the album is arrogant, is unfilled in its promise, it is though honest and the album title track opens up the veins of the man completely, too much is not enough in art but in the world of addiction, no matter what, to come back from that is to show the world you can kick your demons.

The 12 strong song album is one of storm, of pained beauty and sizeable contribution to the cause, the songs are considerable and paid for with dedication by both A J Hobbs, the audience at his live gigs and in this very classy recording.

Beating any addiction, no matter the size or the substance is to be lauded, the battle worthy and its wake, in its aftermath comes renewal and hope, it can also bring forth forgotten memories in which to celebrate or commemorate in song. In tracks such as Life Without You, the bruising The Loser, The Bottle Let Me Down, A Whole Lot Of You And Me and Are You Going To Tennessee ?, the life of the man is laid bare, it is inspired and framed with great pleasure and fortitude.

Too Much Is Never Enough is a great album for 2017, one to relish listening too and making sure that this following year is remembered for more wondrous things than its ancestor in Time.

A J Hobbs’ Too Much Is Never Enough is released on February 17th 2017.

Ian D. Hall