Eleanor Nelly, Gig Review. The Casa, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

A hall fit for heroes of their craft, or perhaps just a simple way to enjoy the sound of a woman who is surely destined for great things, be it here in the suburbs of her home town in Liverpool or the drama of undiluted cool across the United States where her music pretty much already has no rivals; in Eleanor Nelly there is flourishing youthful hope and she is class personified.

The Casa, a cornerstone of what is right in Liverpool, all that is worthy of being talked about has had the honour of hosting the musician’s before, the sound it generates suits her voice, her frame, her drive to be the best and one cannot but help but be drawn to comparisons between her and a young Janis Joplin, a British Joni Mitchell, the stories at her heart dominating the space and whilst she is herself young, this is not to detract her from audiences, for she is very much an old soul, musically beautiful and one who breaks your heart with your permission to hear her sing.

Class personified, a heady title perhaps to bear, to hold and heavy is the head that wears such an imposed crown but Eleanor Nelly wears it well, the smile never leaves the face as she performs in the semi lit room of The Casa and in a crowd, in amongst a sea of faces, the feel of love exploded with the force of water being pushed from a Blue Whale’s spout, this was a moment in which to capture, the force of nature to behold.

There is no magic formula for this type of life, it takes sheer guts and drive to be noticed, especially in a city renowned for its abundance of talent, both young such as The Mono LPS, Kate McGrath or Jamie Clague or in its fantastic elder statesmen and women, the triumph of them all is what brings Eleanor Nelly very much to the forefront, she is urged on by these great musicians of the town because she has determination to escape the boundaries of her life and make others succeeded as well.

In songs such as Going Home for Winter, German Boy, If You Want Me Tell Me, These Four Walls, Choke and the very superb Paper Aeroplane, Eleanor Nelly is a woman on the march, delicate voice but one that growls so deep it is unmistakable in its delivery, this is a woman to whom the heart belongs and once captured she will never let go nor let you down.

A tremendous set by a woman of stature, Eleanor Nelly is a Queen of the ages.

Ian D. Hall