A Quick Buck.

Money is not in short supply,

it cannot be,

when we can find the cash, the dough,

the pennies and the large plastic five pound

notes, ones not covered in the greed of

addiction to white washed powder,

to do up Parliament, to give a makeover

to Buckingham Palace, to give MPs a raise,

the necessary leg up to get them out of poverty…

for the one offering truth, the many

folding their arms and sniffing at the delights of the trough;

whilst children go hungry, whilst children are taken into care,

whilst prisons overflow, whilst social housing

is fucked up because of the culture

of allowing someone to own two homes,

of displacing a native born Cornish person

from their country, from allowing despair

to foster, to the ache of despondency to flourish,

to the lost hope, the raising of a glass and cheer to

murdering a generation’s hope, to fostering division,

to losing heart, to the anguish of heating or eating,

of one pay check away from destitution,

of the Toblerone scandal in which

other government insanity is held unaccountable,

to causing hate to rise, to allowing standards to slip,

to letting another generation tell those that came before

that their ways are obsolete, yet still finding

the time to not get angry about a house improvement

somewhere near Nelson’s Column, rather the populace

gets pissed about reality television,

about events in a jungle, about a pseudo Lesbian kiss

designed to titillate and taunt post MTV audiences

into a morbid frenzy on social media and yet no one

truly gets pissed about the money spent

renewing a weapon designed

to kill another culture’s children, that we back

slap ourselves for raising money for children in such need

and yet the positions should be reversed, you

want mass destruction, have a fucking telethon,

host a garden party where the rich and insane

can rub shoulders with the corrupt and lunatic;

just as they do every other day of the week…

Money is not in short supply,

we just have our priorities mixed up,

inside out and upside down,

give what you can, give, give, give what

to what as the decorator and interior designer

rack up the price of their job

in good old Buck House.


Ian D. Hall 2016