David Youngs, In Between Silence. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

A world without a voice, where the only sound is that of indifference coupled with rusty neglect, silence in the eating of all that may have been, the quiet for the disregarded, deserted and yet it is a world that the hero in the shape of a guitar can with subtlety and passion be crowned King. The rust never really gains ground in the presence of such ingenuity, of such clever allusion and it is always the more remarkable when you consider the process that takes place between brain and fingers, the tense practice that defines the difference between deathly cool and utter genuine greatness.

In Between Silence, David Youngs’ notable, significant instrumental album is one that requires no words, no means of communication other than what transpires, what takes effect between the muscles that guide thought, progression and drive. In a world that relies so much on being able to understand what other people are trying to say, figuring out what people mean without uttering a single word, a cry for help in a library where the assistant is ready to put a lock over your mouth, then the guitar is a necessity, it portrays and speaks the emotion that dumbfounds the blasé and the those who are frightened of the voice.

David Youngs’ pinpoints all of this with a sense of wonder mixed with a healthy state of intent and poise, silence is not an option, if they take away your power of speech, then as David Youngs’ shows with stunning musical artistry, articulation is to be found in other ways; silence is the by product of accepting a situation and it must never be found in enough quantity to stifle creativity.

In tracks such as the magnificent opus Where Memories Go, Chevrons Apart, Mono No Aware and the album finisher Katy, Again, the guitar is not only King, it is the rallying call to a time where everybody’s voice is taken notice of, no matter how small, no matter how timid the proposition, all deserve their say. Some will be easily dismissed of course for their wild speculations will always be abhorrent but the incredible, those with purpose and strength in their heart will always find a way to be heard In Between Silence.

A dynamic and amazingly powerful album, the man and his guitar in perfect synch, no other words are necessary.

Ian D. Hall