Bat-Shit Crazy.

How did I end up with a surreal addled mind,

almost drunk, sepia toned

and full of exotic weirdness;

one straight linear dream in all these years

and that I can trace back to watching Threads

the night before, scaring the crap,

the very life out of me,

a cautionary tale, I

sometimes get too involved with these dreams,

too upset and confused by the appearance

of the unexpected, the false trail

and the shivering cold of plunging

my awake brain into working

what the synaptic dozy messages mean…

but when you are staring in a thriller,

black and white monologue and set

in a Russian court of Justice,

the words powerful, meaningful, you are saving

someone’s life, only to look up and see

a moustached, stern, overweight,

almost Stalin like

Fozzie Bear presiding over the case,

it just usually con firms that you

are bat shit crazy.


Ian D. Hall 2016