The Witch Hunt Of Generation X.

We are caught between two rising,

resurrected and revived Mammoths,

what chance did we,

the children of the atomic clock,

have against the generation of the

Baby Boomer and the Millennial

who look down upon Generation X

as if we caused all the problems in the world

we inherited it from the Victorians

and we could not get a word in edge ways

as children, suffer the silence,

suffer the disdain, suffer the attacks of personality

that Generation X are feckless, that we

were the generation of the cultural shift

where the child was left to roam,

latch key kid and who the sexual revolution

passed us by because of the spectre

of short name disease making us

careful where we slept, yet

we inhabited a world where we became

the first to be sexualised by society’s needs

and fantasies, constantly told by the pre World War

shaking limbs in corner shops, making sure they

were always first in line, twenty

Silk Cut fags and half hour moan about

The Punk look of hate we gave you Whitehouse

was there because Morrison was dead

and because we had somewhere to be,

but Generation X had nowhere to find solace,

yet we found the right along the way

to not conform, to be punk, to be wasted

and uncontrolled, we fought back

against a system that hated us,

that still hates us, that will continue to hate and flaunt

its general thoughts that we hid

in the houses and avoided the crack

pot epidemic

if we could, that the symbols of war meant

more to us than they knew and played in the bomb damage

still visible, holes in the ground

cross dressed as play areas

that were warned could drown us

when they filled with dirty rampant,

rat filled water, diseased and flushed out

by the sound of Prog, Genesis beats and Pink Floyd

damnation, King Crimson possessing

the intensity and only elevated by the tension

of Punk, of the Punk, of the drama of two minute

orgasm and dysfunctional submission,

panting breath, Generation X delivered

and yet we still are damned as we first rejected God,

then rejected the bomb, the notion of being

the children of the children

who had children too early, whilst all along

we were the Rael, the punk,

the generation X with no soul,

no right but we forged and packaged ourselves.

To the Baby Boomers we were anarchy,





and oh so out of touch space cadet monopoly…

to the ones that have pushed infront of

we are all that and more,

as they check their digital screens,

we are the feckless, we are the ones

who live in the shadows, not in the shadow

of the bomb…

We are Generation X and we are trapped

between two worlds colliding.


Ian D. Hall 2016