The New 52, Let Me Sleep. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

It might sound as if the idea was to make Darragh Cullen a superhero, to don the spandex and the secret identity, to fight the crime of poor manufactured music by television moguls who have no idea what an inspired and beautiful song really sounds like. It could easily be an homage to the world of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, of dark alleyways and illuminated sidewalks, the hero stands tall and the people of the world who pray for musical salvation, The New 52’s Let Me Sleep sees justice done.

Produced by Boo Hewerdine, a man who knows his heroes and his music better than almost anyone, Darragh Cullen’s The New 52 sweeps you off your feet, plants you high on the hill with your loved ones and the forgotten gems and then reminds you in strict tones but with the twinkle in the eye that you are not alone, that you are the reason for it all being worthwhile.

Even choosing the name is important, both as a feeling of the band sound but also the music under the album title. Let Me Sleep, the victory is won certainly in this album, a cornerstone of tempting music, of absolutes and care free days, of big dramatic entrances unforeseen revelations, the best place is in the dreams and this album truly is a dream to listen too.

The album itself contains songs that are mischievous, enlightening, filled with the twinge of bitter regret and the soft sorrow of desire. Let Me Sleep really does showcase the delicious talent that resides in Darragh Cullen and producer Boo Hewerdine to the point of maximum enjoyment.

In tracks such as Last of The Gang with its posed questions of reminisce, of childhood values and grown up disappointments, the charming Manhattan(For A Handful Of Beads) the upset and tired pleading in the awesome Song For Sara and the excellent Good Intentions, The New 52 outdo themselves, Darragh Cullen is magnificent and the album one of statuesque proportions, a reminder that heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Let Me Sleep, for the world is but a dream and when you wake up the best memory is the heroics of The New 52.

Ian D. Hall