Three Minute Hero, Gig Review. Sound Food And Drink, Liverpool. We Shall Overcome 2016.

The element of surprise, some handle the responsibility, some faint at the prospect, some surprise, some last minute addition just make the whole experience so complete that it is hard to have imagined the day without it ever having been so. Last minute surprise to the bill at Sound Food and Drink for the We Shall Overcome was the ever impressive figure of Three Minute Hero, the champion of the lyric, Stuart Todd, and as always the man and the musician was on top form.

It never ceases to amaze that some performers are always ready to step into the breach when needed, it is a sense of wonder that many of us would quite rightly balk at the idea of doing, however with a bit of time in which to fill during the afternoon’s proceedings, it was surely to be considered an honour that the music of Three Minute Hero should be performed.

Last minute surprise or not, Stuart Todd brings something very grounded to any party, a man very much down to Earth, upright and open with his lyrics, a knowledgeable man when it comes to a crisis, a predicament or a slight askew door, and one who can make a whole room pay attention and let the falling pin find a safe place in which to fall too without it breaking his concentration.

In Three Minute Hero, the music is one that really does capture the imagination, the romance of the words play with the rational and humble in such a way that they are seamless and unspoiled.

As Three Minute Hero made his way through his impromptu but very enjoyable set, the audience could be seen being drawn into a world of belief, belief in a man to whom sincerity is a watchword and an action worth taking care of. As he performed songs such as The Busker, the immense and one of the best lyrics written for the acoustic scene is many years, 173 (Is Just A Number), Bruno, The Tomorrow People and Happy Hour Sunrise, the feelings of the guitar-slinger were made clear and resolute; if there is someone you want on your side, to fight your corner with a song, a moment that captures your being, you could do a hell of a lot by asking Three Minute Hero.

A generous outpouring of music from an unexpected guest but one to whom everybody should find themselves applauding.

Ian D. Hall