Airbourne, Breakin’ Outta Hell. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

The feeling is either force fed into you or if you are fortunate then it is Airborne, it comes down from seemingly above, like the nectar of the gods, the music infecting you in the only way that Rock and Roll, the heaviness in the metal, should or can, with no fighting the inevitable, through the medium of the largest, most clearest speaker and with overflowing hope in your heart that a band can match the likes of AC/DC in their heyday or at least divert your attention from the faltering stutter that the genre persists in having in Britain and America; a group that can be seen visibly seen and audibly Breakin’ Outta Hell.

Having already proved their credentials with Runnin’ Wild, No Guts, No Glory and Black Dog Barking, Breakin’ Outta Hell continues the form and pattern that is expected and enjoyed; not for anything are they considered the heir-apparent to a scene that has thrust them favourably and quite rightly into the spotlight, but they truly are the only ones that can make that leap into the vacated seat, the empty stage, and fill it with the passion required to make the genre sweat and the also-rans agitated and panic driven.

Airbourne’s Breakin’ Out Of Hell is ballsy, it is the directness and fun that you would expect to come in the same package and pierce the ears with, it is genuine and cool and never once does it slow beyond the point of reason or drama.

In tracks such as Rivalry, It’s Never Too Loud For Me, the exceptional I’m Going To Hell For This, Never Been Rocked Like This and When I Drink I Go Crazy, thoughts of what naturally could have been in the last decade in another quarter are self evident but then it somehow and with an semblance of the majestic attached to it, wouldn’t have been the same anyway; this is not just an album of heavenly delights dressed in the clothes of the hot and perspiring, this is a group of songs that bust down the door of Hell, taken their dad’s keys and now break the speed limit getting to the soul.

A tremendously good and aspiring album, one that plays as hard as it works, Breakin’ Out Of Hell is easy, running the show is now what these Airborne guys have gained.

Ian D. Hall