The Girl With The Strawberry Hair, Stay In The Light. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Sarah Beatrice radiates soul, vitality and musical honesty whether you are fortunate to meet her in the street or the venues, or if you have the providence of listening to her voice as she performs delicate but punchy songs that have width and scope wrapped around them like a much loved tale of romance and intrigue. As The Girl with the Strawberry Hair, Sarah Beatrice brings love to her songs, that rascal of the moment to which we all might be lucky to have at some point and one that comes across with beautiful melancholic ease in her new song Stay In The Light.

Produced by Jay Roberts, Stay In The Light is one that glides across the ears with the whisper of a woman imploring her muse to remember a time when love was all that mattered, a time perhaps that came out of the desire and passion that we all aspire to and one that never seems to catch us at the right time, for by staying in the light we surround ourselves with knowledge that we are seen and cared for and yet the light inevitably can dim, become drowned out by the darkness.

The Girl with the Strawberry Hair’s Stay In The Light is well-healed, there is no trace of a bump or line out of place and it is one that registers as a moment of sincere maturity, the exercise in youthful exuberance and fashioned playfulness that you revel in when listening to Sarah Beatrice is now coupled with wisdom and time, the reflection of honour and it is one that is hugely cool to pay attention to.

Love is a funny thing so they say, it is a state of mind that crush a person to their soul but in Sarah Beatrice, in The Girl with the Strawberry Hair, love is fully rounded, it is shaped and held high as a beacon flashing with strength in the darkest night and when it is sang with as much grace as this particular song it deserves to have that moment entrenched in the mind as a relief to the crush you may feel when listening to other songs that love holds blind.

A song of tremendous spirit and the next stage in the life of The Girl with the Strawberry Hair’s increasing musical presence.

Ian D. Hall