Selfish Lovers, Gig Review. Zanzibar Club, Liverpool.

Amy Bielizna of Selfish Lovers at the Zanzibar, Liverpool. June 2014. Photograph by Ian D. Hall.

Amy Bielizna of Selfish Lovers at the Zanzibar, Liverpool. June 2014. Photograph by Ian D. Hall.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

The close, muggy feeling of trapped heat that enveloped the city of Liverpool, heat which made normally persistent shadows perspire with sweat and groan under the Sun’s blessed fury would normally eat into the energy reserves of anybody finding themselves out and about on a June day. For some artists an understanding audience would forgive and forget if they gave a slightly subdued performance because of it, However inside the Zanzibar Club, the members of Selfish Lovers gave an altruistic performance which jumped off the stage and straight into the welcoming arms of a relieved audience.

Having been around since 2009, you would be pardoned for not having come across the Selfish Lovers before but it has to be said that you shouldn’t let it become a habit for Selfish Lovers soon move on in the world but Amy Bielizna, Phillip Bond, Tom Richards, Martin Raynor and Daniele Parisi would meander awhile whilst you caught up with their musical embrace once more. Friends, fans and perhaps even lovers, or at least followers made their way to the Zanzibar Club to catch this infectiously likeable band and their set list ahead of American musician Hannah Aldridge’s long awaited performance.

With tracks such as Crazy Now, the superb Made In The Dark, the superb Cry and the finger clicking, foot taping Orbit spinning the room as if the Sun had given up in the face of sterner and more loved opposition, this was a sight of a band in which to savour, in which to be grateful of having seen and in Amy Bielizna and Philip Bonds mixed vocal style, something in which to be as mercenary in your musical desires as you want but selfless, perhaps even nobly philanthropic in your fulsome praise to other people you meet during the following week and beyond.

Selfish Lovers are very enjoyable; they ask so little in return for the music they place on offer except your undivided attention when they are in the room. It is something to become enthusiastic on any first listen of a new band, Selfish Lovers fully deserve being kept abreast of.

Ian D. Hall