So Lonely You.

The lonely voice echoes down the multiplex of wires.

Each wire holds her cries for a second before

Passing them on to its neighbour without care.

For what do wires care about the fate of a single tear?

Without effort, I listen as the story falters from one

To the next, I know you need me there to chase away the liars.

“Please insert fifty cents to hear real desperation users.”

Comes a metallic voice full of the joys of spring.

I dare it to bid us, “Have a nice day!”

Feeling neglected by its ignorance

I shout, kick and scream inside my mind.

I need to be there to stop all her damn accusers.

In between her sobs and imagined cigarette smoke

Wafting down the miles to catch in my throat

Like the apologies I try to give her.

I am not the friend she thinks I am, for I love her,

Much more than that and I cannot save her.

She slams down the phone whilst saying, “I’m a joke.”

I feverishly redial her, but the connection is gone.

I know that I’ll see her again

But not in any form that I can hold, touch or listen too.

She will come to me at night…Of that I am sur.

Her long distance crying will wake me.

She needed me at this time, which I can see!

Ian D. Hall 

First published in Waiting For An Answer. 2003. and the best Poems of 2003. (Ely Press)